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NAFEMS NA 2008 Regional Summit: Event Proceedings

Download a copy of the conference agenda.

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Welcome & Introduction


 Welcome to NAFEMS 2020 , NAFEMS North American Steering Committee

Keynote Presentations

Pathway to Future CAE Technologies & Their Role in Ambient Intelligent Environments , A. Noor, Old Dominion University - Note: Presentation was given in a multimedia format that could not be captured by PPT/PDF.

Isogeometric Analysis: Progress and Challenges,  T. Hughes, University of Texas at Austin

Integrated Computational Materials EngineeringM. Boyce, M.I.T.

Hybrid Engineering Enablers: Technology, Process and People PerspectiveT. Abe, Ford Motor Company

Computational Structural Acoustics: Technology, Trends and Challenges, J. Cipolla, Weidlinger Associates, Inc.

MCAE Opportunities and Markets: A Fresh Look at a Shifting Landscape, J. Orr, Cyon Research

Session 1a:

Expanding Engineering Analysis Tools to Biomedical Applications: Using an Example of Nasal Airflow in Patients with Septal Deviations , B. Barnum, OSS

Dynamics of Social Systems – Analysis and Design , T. Doherty, Tommy Concepts


Failure Analysis of Composite Structures using Multicontinuum Technology: A Mesh Sensitive Study , D. Robbins Jr., Firehole Technologies, Inc.

Session 1b: Data Management

Realizing Simulation Data Management Interoperability Across Domains , A. Schreiber, PROSTEP

The Case for Simulation Lifecycle Management , P. Lalor, SIMULIA


Future Breakthroughs in Creating, Managing and Analyzing Simulation Data for Near-Real Time Decision Making , J. Evans, Engineous

Session 1c: High Performance Computing (HPC)

The NCMS High Performance Simulation for Product Design Program , C. Ryan, NCMS

How Modern Software Methodologies and High Performance Computing will Change the Face of Simulation, E. Dodd, IBM and J. Lyon, Simudyne

Session 2a: Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty Quantification for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Heat Shield using Cielo and Dakota, J. Schiermeier, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Uncertainty Structure Matrix for Models and Simulations, L. Green, NASA LaRC


Hypothesis Testing of Finite Element Models using Load Uncertainty Probability Density Functions, J. Sundermeyer, Caterpillar, Inc.

Session 2b:

Simulation and the Creative Process – A New Paradigm , U. Schramm, Altair Engineering

Why Design Analysis Works – Confessions of a Former Analysis Snob , V. Adams, SolidWorks

Quality Improvements and their Impact in a Lean CAE "Future World", M. Zebrowski, Ford (Retired)

Session 2c:

Modeling of Materials – Getting to a Smaller Scale , R. Yancey, Altair Engineering


Simulation of Particulate Solids Handling and Processing Operations Using the Discrete Element Method , D. Scharpf, DEM Solutions (USA), Inc.

Fracture, Damage and Progressive Failure Analysis of Composite Materials , S. Choudhry, MSC.Software

Session 3a: Stochastics

Simulation-Supported Decision Making, G. Allen, Decision Incite


Stochastic Simulation of Aircraft Cabin Interior Considering Uncertain Load Conditions by Modeling with Random Fields, D. Vogt, EADS Innovation Works

Session 3b:

Using Concurrent Engineering to Drive Electro-Optical Sensor Product Development, D. Thomas, The Aerospace Corp. and M. Panthaki, Comet Solutions

Designer Analysis: Utopia or Catastrophe?, R. Keene, SIMULIA


Session 3c: Multiphysics

Direct Coupled-Field Elements for Multiphysics Simulation, S. Scampoli, ANSYS


Efficient Multi-physics Modeling of the Dynamic Response of RF-MEMS Switches, S. Scampoli, ANSYS

Session 4a:

Product Performance Simulation in 2020 , M. Halpern: Gartner


The Next Revolution in Simulation , J. Leuridan: LMS


Training the Next Generation of Simulation Engineers: NAFEMS Initiative in Skills Management , T. Morris: NAFEMS

Session 4b:

Unified FEA , K. Short: SIMULIA


Advances in Element Technology: Solid-Shell Elements, W. Xie: ANSYS


"Get it Right the First Time" with Simulation-Based Design , T. Weninger: ESI Group


Session 4c:

Fatigue and Fracture Analysis – "On the Fly", E. Punch: Punch Software Solutions


T-Splines and Isogeometric Analysis: A New Design-Through-Analysis Paradigm , M. Scott: Univ. of Texas at Austin and M. Sederberg: T-Splines, Inc.

Modeling Bolted Connections for Stress Analysis , M. Tomlin: Siemens PLM Software

Sessions 5 a/b and 6a/b: PLASVEE Challenge

The Role of Digital Simulation in Developing a PLASVEE for 2020 - Review the challenge from The Boeing Company

Responses to the Challenge:

Altair Engineering - PLASVEE 2020 , R. Yancey, Altair Engineering


Role of Digital Simulation in Developing a PLASVEE for 2020 , S. Shankar, Siemens PLM Software

Engineering the 2020 PLASVEE Vechile - A Vision of the Potential for System Simulation in the Year 2020 , K. Moss, LMS International

The Role of Digital Simulation in Developing a PLASVEE for 2020 , S. Scampoli, ANSYS

The PLASVEE Challenge: Developing a Personal Land, Air, and Sea Vehicle in the Year 2020 , D. Nagy, CD-adapco

PLASVEE 2020 Proposal and ETA Technology Platform Review , T. Flemings, ETA, Inc.

PLASVEE 2020: Driving Success with Digital Simulation , H. Hikita, MSC Software Corporation


Session 5c:

Simulation Training Challenges in the 2020 Workplace , N. Veikos: CAE Associates, Inc.

Case Study: How to Make an Analysis Interface that Both the Novice and the Expert will Use , T. Cunningham: Micro Motion, Inc. and D. Hensley: ATA Engineering, Inc.

New Frontiers in CAE Interoperability, A. Chinn: ITI TranscenData


Session 6c:

Virtual Prototyping – An Analyst’s Dream: Progress Challenges and Future Path to 2020 , S. Choudhry: MSC.Software

Issues Facing Engineering Simulation: A CAE Providers Perspective , D. Conover: ANSYS

Wrap-up & Closure

NAFEMS 2020 Wrap-up & Closure  , NAFEMS North American Steering Committee

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