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Nafems Multiphysics conference

NAFEMS European Conference on Multiphysics Simulation

21st & 22nd October 2014
Manchester, U.K.

NAFEMS held the 2nd European Conference on Multiphysics Simulation in October 2014. The conference provided an overview of state-of-the-art-methods for coupled and Multiphysics simulations, mainly within the context of industrial applications and CAE.


Swelling of Polymers by Applying Coupled Physico-Chemical Modelling in Finite Element Analysis
Manfred Achenbach, Polymer Consulting

Simulating Aggregate Drying using Coupled CFD and DEM Methods
Adam Anderson, ANSYS

Electromagnetics Structural Coupling Simulation of Electric Motor
Adam Anderson, ANSYS  

A Comprehensive Integration Methodology Based on Multi-Physics Co simulation. Case Study: Electro-Thermal Simulation of aDrilling System in a Harsh Environment
Michel Bareille, Altran Technologies

Fast, Exact Fully Coupled ODE Systems in Time Integration Schemes
Jaume Betran, Alstom Wind

Simulating Coupled Neutron-Fluid-Heat Transfer for the Study of Unintended Operating Scenarios in Pressure Water Reactors using an Immersed Body Modelling Technique
Andrew Buchan, Imperial College London

Multiphysics Comes Alive: Capturing the Behavior of a Living Human Heart
Karl D'Souza, SIMULIA

Design of Experiments (DOE) Study of the Induction Hardening Process
James Farrar, Wilde Analysis Ltd

Smart Manufactuing: CAE as a Service, On Demand, in the Cloud 
Wolfgang Gentzsch, Uber Cloud

Large-Scale One-Way Coupled Analysis with Open-Source Parallel FEM Software Front ISTR
Gaku Hashimoto, The University of Tokyo

Evaluation of Fluid-Structure Interaction for Industrial Use
Marc Hodapp, Festo AG& Co. KG

Simplified Approach to Modelling Sonic Gas Dispersion for Offshore Well Test Operations
Gordon Howat, Expro North Sea Ltd.

Conjugate Heat Transfer and Multi-Phase Analysis for Incompressible Flows
Nils Karajan, DYNAmore GmbH

Multiphysics CAE: A Necessity for Durable and Reliable Vehicle Design
Prashant Khapane, Jaguar Land Rover

Noise Prediction for Electric Motors by Coupling Electromagnetic and Vibroacoustic Simulation Tools
Gaurav Kumar, LMS, A Siemens Business

A Novel Co-Simulation Algorithm for Handling Field-Signal Interaction
Albert Kürkchübasche, SIMULIA

Coupled Fluid-structure Interaction Simulations for Aero-Elastic Benchmark Cases
Bettina Landvogt, Fraunhofer SCAI 

Innovative Developments in the Simulation of Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
Simon Leefe, Wilde Analysis Ltd      

Simulation of Wood Combustion in a Fixed Bed using CFD-DEM Coupling
Amir Houshang Mahmoudi, Université du Luxembourg

Two Tier Parallel Computation for Stochastic Thermo-mechanical Modelling of Nuclear Graphite Reactor Cores
Lee Margetts, Manchester University

Acoustic Analysis of Fuel Tank Sloshing during Braking
Douglas Marriott, MSC Software

High Performance Computation Codes for Vibroacoustic Simulation in the Automotive Field
Guiseppe Miccoli, IMAMOTER Institute

Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with Moving Blades
Henrik Nordborg, HSR University of Applied Sciences

Fluid, Solid and Radiation Modelling in Multiphysics Systems
Christopher Pain, Imperial College London

Multi-Material Heat Transfer Analysis of an Engine Cylinder Head
Andrej Poredos, AVL-AST

Simulation of a Folded Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
Yichen Qian, ANSYS UKLtd.

Optimizing Fatigue Life using Automated Sequential Coupling in the Loop
Jon Quigley, Altair

Bi-Directionally Coupled CFD and Multi-Body Dynamics Solvers Applied to Tanker Truck Vehicle Dynamics
Jon Quigley, Altair 

Multiphysics Simulations of Irradiation Damage Collision Cascades
Christopher Race, University of Manchester

Multi-Body Dynamics and Acoustic Simulation for GearApplication
Xavier Robin, Free Field Technologies

Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Arc  Interruption – A Multi-Physics Modeling Challenge 
Christian Rümpler, Eaton

Fluid-Structure Interaction with Controls for Wind Turbine Simulation using a Novel Co-Simulation Approach
Stefan Sicklinger, Technische Universität München

Coupling of Structural and Multibody Mechanics in Switchgear Development
Christian Simonidis, ABB Corporate Research Germany 

Multiphysics Software:Comparing Best-of-Class Approach Against All-in Strategy
Alfred Svobodnik, Konzept-X GmbH

Multiphysics Solutions in Offshore Engineering
Kevin Wilson, Prospect Flow Solutions Ltd.

Development of a Micro Gas Turbine with Ceramic Impeller: SCAI Tools for Stress and Vibration Analyses
Nadja Wirth, Fraunhofer SCAI

Multiphysics Simulation of the Aeroelasticity of Aircraft Wings
Chris Wolfe, ANSYS, Inc.

Piezoelectric–Structural–Fluids Analysis for an Ink-JetPrinter Nozzle
Chris Wolfe, ANSYS, Inc.

The conference was organized jointly by ...

NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group (visit the groups webpage)


Event Type: Conference
Location: Manchester UK
Date: October 21, 2014

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