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Practical Introduction to Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis

25 - 26 November 2015
Munich, Germany

This non-linear Finite Element course is intended for delegates interested in using FE to analyse advanced non-linear problems involving material non-linearities, geometric non-linearities and contact problems.

The objectives of this Finite Element course are:

  • To provide delegates with an introduction to the fundamental theory of non-linear Finite Element analysis.

  • To highlight the possible difficulties that may be encountered in using FE software to analyse non-linear problems.

Who Should Attend 

This non-linear FE course is aimed at engineers and scientists who want to gain an understanding of the fundamental theory of non-linear Finite Element analysis and its application to practical problems.

As this is an advanced FE course, a pre-requisite for this course is a reasonable knowledge of linear FE theory and applications. However, no prior knowledge of non-linear Finite Element theory is required. The course is independent of any FE software code.

Technical Content

●  Brief Overview of Linear Finite Element analysis
A brief overview of linear Finite Element formulation, numerical algorithms, etc. to provide a foundation for the non-linear formulation.

●  General Introduction to Non-linear problems
Classifications of non-linear problems, Comparison of linear and non-linear FE analysis, Non-linear algorithms and procedures, Difficulties in modelling non-linear problems.

●  Plasticity
Basic plasticity theory, Uniaxial and multi-axial plasticity, Work hardening, FE treatment of plasticity, Solution strategy and accuracy, Discussion of typical practical plasticity applications.

●   Creep and Visco-elasticity
Basic theory of creep, Finite Element algorithms for creep problems and time marching, Explicit and implicit time integrations, Discussion of typical practical creep applications.

●   Contact Problems
Basic theory of contact mechanics, classification of contact configurations, Hertzian and non-Hertzian contact problems, FE contact algorithms, Penalty methods and Lagrange multipliers, Difficulties in modelling contact problems, Tips and guidelines, Discussion of practical contact problems.

●   Geometric Non-linearity
Basic theory of geometric non-linearity, GNL stress-strain definitions, FE algorithms for geometric non-linearities, Arc-length and line-search methods, Solution strategy and accuracy, Discussion of typical GNL problems.

●  Brief introduction to other advanced Finite Element Applications
A brief overview of Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue Analysis, Explicit FE codes, Buckling analysis.


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"Practical Introduction to Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis",
25 - 26 November 2015, Muenchen, Germany

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    Event Type: Course
    Location: Munich Germany
    Date: November 25, 2015

    Course Tutor:
    Gino Duffett

    Read Dr Gino Duffett's bio on the NAFEMS tutors pages


    NH München Airport
    Lohstr. 21
    D-85445 München 
    Reservation: +49 30 22388599+49 30 22388599 
    Tel.: +49 81 229670



    Course Attendees
    Maximal 20 attendees

    Delegate Fee 
    NAFEMS member: 
      900 Euro / Person*
    Non NAFEMS members: 
      1.200 Euro / Person*

    Proceedings, lunch, coffee breaks and certificate included.

    * plus VAT if applicable.

    In-house Course
    This course can be booked as in-house course. Please request a quote. 

    Cancellation Policy 
    Up to 3 weeks before course starts: free of charge;
    up to one week before: 50 %;
    later and no show: 100 %.

    Cancellation of a seminar
    If not enough participants we reserve the right to cancel the course. In case of strike, lockout, fire, restriction of supply, disease of the lecturers or other extraordinary circumstances and measures beyond the parties' control (force majeure), we are entitled to cancel the seminar without liability. 

    Organisation / Contact

    Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz GmbH
    Osterham 23, D-83233 Bernau am Chiemsee

    Tel. +49 (0) 80 51 - 96 59 3 49,
    Fax +49 (0) 80 51 - 96 74 3 37


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