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Introducing PSE within ASML: 

Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

***Keynote Presentation from NWC17***

Date: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Time: 11:00am EDT (New York) / 4:00pm BST (London) / 5:00pm CEST (Amsterdam)

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The demand for FEA is increasing every year. This can be observed in various industries, and the business ASML operating in (lithography machines for the semiconductor industry) is no exception to that. The FEA specialists at ASML tried to keep up with the demand but that already years ago it became clear that unless something would change, the FEA specialists would be stressed beyond their limits. One of the initiatives started in 2013 by ASML was to investigate if it would be feasible to let Design Engineers –of which there are much more than FEA specialists within ASML- do FEA on their own designs. The challenge there would be to find a way to make then “FEA competent”. Providing training, coaching and internal assessments of the engineers where things thought about.

By coincidence, at the same time when ASML started the above initiative, NAFEMS in 2013 launched the Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Program at the Salzburg World Congress. While attending the congress it was felt that the PSE program could potentially be used as a basis for the internal assessment of ASML’s engineers. In addition, since NAFEMS already offers FEA trainings these might be helpful too. A number of discussions were held between ASML and NAFEMS and this resulted in a training and assessment procedure that both were tailored to the needs of ASML.

Currently NAFEMS provides both FEA class training at ASML and takes care of all of the assessments. The presentation will show which hurdles had to be taken, the lessons learned and way forward.


  • Welcome & Introduction: 
    • Mr. Andrew Wood, NAFEMS
  • Introducing PSE within ASML - Lessons Learned and the Way Forward
    • Mr. Fred Huizinga, Group Leader DE Mechanical Analysis, ASML Netherlands BV
  • Q&A and Discussion
  • Close

Want to learn more?  NAFEMS published the PSE case study in the July 2016 issue of Benchmark magazine. To view, if you're a member, or purchase, click here


Event Type: Free Webinar
Location: Online USA
Date: October 24, 2017

Fred Huizinga

Group Leader DE Mechanical Analysis,
ASML Netherlands BV

Fred Huizinga

Fred Huizinga got his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He started his professional career as a Design Engineer in 1984 when he joined Volvo Cars. His got interested in CAE soon and moved into the CAE Department where he gradually was promoted from CAE Engineer to Manager of the Chassis, Driveline and CAE department. After a career of 25 years within Automotive Engineering, he joined ASML in 2011 as manager of the Mechanical Analysis Group. In his current position he responsible for all of the Mechanical Analyses performed within ASML. Fred is a “CAE believer” and within ASML promotes the use of CAE as a tool to reduce development time and cost, and at the same time increase product quality.