Dallara IndyCar Night Out

Dallara IndyCar Factory Night Out

We are excited to announce that attendees of CAASE20 will have an opportunity to visit the Dallar IndyCar Factory, the exclusive chassis supplier to the NTT IndyCar series. Plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours exploring 23,000 square feet of interactive and hands-on exhibits centered around the engineering and technology of the world's fastest sport. 

Activities will include:

  • Full-Car Racing Simulators to experience the real feel of being behind the wheel of an IndyCar
  • The Pit Stop Challenge Competition using impact wrenches on a real IndyCar
  • Rides in a street legal IndyCar
  • Dallara IndyCar Factory’s Interactive Area includes a theater and several educational displays that explain various components to building a state-of-the-art racing machine – a Dallara Indy Car
  • A Dallara Interactive Tour offers guest a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing process of a real Dallara Indy Car
  • Green screen photo with an IndyCar on the Yard of Bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to remember the evening. 
  • We will provide bus transportation to/from the Indiana Convention Center and the Dallara IndyCar Factory (7.4 mile distance).

Upon arriving at the Dallara IndyCar Factory, participants will be treated to food and beverages (several meal options available, plus two drink tickets). 

When, Where and How? 

Date: Wednesday, June 17th 

Start Time: Will be announced when the agenda is published, but buses will start following the conclusion of the final sessions scheduled for that day.   

Where Do I Sign-Up? 

The Dallara IndyCar Factory Tour and dinner are included in your event registration, so no action is required for the individual registered to attend the conference. Anyone interesting in bringing a "+1" must visit the "Additional Dallara IndyCar Factory Night Out Registrations" page and purchase the "+1" registration there.

About Dallara IndyCar Factory

The Dallara IndyCar Factory is a joint venture between the IndyCar Experience and Dallara Automobili. It is located just 1/3 of a mile southwest of the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway - home of the Indianapolis 500 - and just 5 miles from Downtown Indianapolis - the Dallara IndyCar Factory is the destination for race-enthusiasts, and those who are brand new to the sport, to get their fill of all things IndyCar!

The Dallara IndyCar Factory offers visitors the chance to explore 23,000 square feet of interactive and hands-on exhibits centered around the engineering and technology of the world’s fastest sport! Take a walk through a tunnel filled with IndyCar blueprints and design concept drawings or sit down and relax in our theater as you catch up on the history of Gian Paolo Dallara and his company, Dallara Automobili!

Get the feel of what it’s like to race at the famous 2.5 mile oval when you sit behind the wheel of a racecar simulator and race using IRacing! Four times a day the door to the Dallara factory opens, and visitors get the chance to see where IndyCars are designed and produced.

You can visit the Dallara Italy website by clicking this link - http://www.dallara.it

Please visit this website to learn more about IndyCar Experience - http://www.indyracingexperience.com