Diversity and Inclusion in NAFEMS - Meeting #2

Diversity and Inclusion in NAFEMS - Meeting #2

Friday, 20th March 2020
14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 10:00 EDT | 07:00 PDT


Diversity and Inclusion Meeting #2
In order to develop and maintain an inclusive culture within the NAFEMS Community, we are adopting the Diversity and Inclusion Framework. This framework was launched by the Science Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering to help professional bodies assess and monitor their progress on diversity and inclusion.
The aim is to support discussion, initiation, planning and assessment of diversity and inclusion work. By adopting the framework, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion for our members, the way we oversee our association and our influence with collaborators.


In tandem with this, a series of regular meetings is being planned for 2020, to enable discussion of all of these issues in an open and neutral environment.

Join us in our discussion to talk about what needs to be done to turn words into action when it comes to diversity within the NAFEMS Community.


At the last meeting, the attendees mentioned diversity within the working groups and at events and what we could do to encourage a more diverse participation. We will continue to expand on this topic and others that attendees wish to cover.


Meeting #1

You can access the recording of the 1st Diversity and Inclusion meeting to catch up or you can also access the meeting minutes below:


We will be holding these open meetings on Diversity and Inclusion every 6 weeks on Fridays at 2pm GMT. So mark your calendar, the next one is April 24th!