Diversity and Inclusion Meeting - 5

Diversity and Inclusion Meeting - 5

Friday, 24th July 2020
14:00 BST| 15:00 CET | 10:00 EDT | 07:00 PDT


New Format

Man Reading

To help us explore the issues around diversity in society and in engineering simulation specifically, we'll try a variation on a virtual bookclub.


The idea is that anyone who would like to, is encouraged to read a chapter or two from a book on diversity, or a significant article, blog post, podcast, or video on the topic. Then in the meeting, each person can bring what they got from what they have read.

There is no pressure on everyone to do it and no list of recommended reading and no defined form to provide input. If you're uncomfortable about speaking out, write it down and either email it to us or put the key points on a slide that can be shared during the meeting.

The idea is to allow us to share and exchange insight. It is also an opportunity for some to finally make a start on reading the shelf full of books on the topic!

Who Can Attend?

The meeting is, as always, open to anyone interested in the topic, regardless of whether they have done any reading on it.