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Developing a Design Process for Durability

One-day FREE Seminar, an introduction to fatigue methods and fe-safe®

Presented by: John Draper
Date: Monday November 12

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This one day seminar covers the problems that can now be solved using durability analysis software for FEA models and explains how to develop a design process for durability working through 5 crucial steps.

A technology update in key areas of fatigue analysis is also provided:

  • Multiaxial fatigue, effects of temperature, notch sensitivity and residual stresses
  • Why traditional methods of metal fatigue analysis get it wrong
  • An introduction to modern methods of metal fatigue analysis and why they get it right
  • An introduction to using fe-safe® with FEA software
  • An introduction to the Verity® method for fatigue of welded joints
  • An introduction to fe-safe/Composites™ for fatigue of composite materials

Who should attend: 

Design and Test Engineers responsible for product durability in the ground vehicle, aerospace and manufacturing industries interested in durability analysis. No previous knowledge of fatigue is necessary. 


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Sheffield UK
Date: November 12, 2012