DEFORM is an engineering software system used to analyze complex materials processes including forming, heat treatment, cutting, machining and mechanical joining. DEFORM is based on a very sophisticated nonlinear transient FEM solver with fully automatic and optimized remeshing.

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DEFORM provides a virtual trial run environment that allows production testing on the computer, rather than the shop floor. With its roots in metal forming, DEFORM is very strong in forging, heading, extrusion, drawing, upsetting and rolling. Users predict die fill, forming load, defects, grain flow and other critical parameters without the time and cost of hard tooling. Testing various preform designs or billet sizes is possible within hours.

Advanced capabilities in die stress analysis have been used to save companies millions of dollars in tooling costs by identifying the root cause of failures. Companies use DEFORM to design tools with longer life by engineering them with a lower stress.

DEFORM is the most widely-used metal forming and heat treatment simulation system in the world. Hundreds of companies, ranging from large multi-national corporations to small family owned businesses, rely on DEFORM throughout the design and development process.