DEP MeshWorks

DEP MeshWorks


DEP MeshWorks, from Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is a CAE driven integrated platform for pre and post processing, involving rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parameterization and optimization, advanced meshing, process automation, concept modeling and CAD morphing. It has enabled leading companies across the globe to transform the product development cycle, thus considerably saving them time and money, and get to market faster. Since its release in 2001, DEP MeshWorks has been simplifying tedious time-consuming processes associated with design changes and helping reduce the product development cycle across several industries globally.

Below are some of the key capabilities that DEP MeshWorks offers:

  • Reduces FE & CFD model building time by 50 to 80%

  • Rapidly converts FE & CFD models to intelligent parametric CAE models, enabling fast design iterations & Design Of Experiment(DOE) studies

  • Enables Multi-Disciplinary Optimization to meet design targets, minimize product weight and minimize manufacturing cost using parametric CAE models

  • Generates morphed CAD models representing optimized designs very rapidly and forms the main link between CAE & Design teams

  • Comprehensive FE/CFD pre & post processor with powerful tools for CAD clean-up, meshing, highly automated model assembly and results processing

  • Customer CAE processes can be rapidly automated resulting in 2X to 10X time reduction


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