LMS Samtech Samcef Gateway

LMS Samtech Samcef Gateway

Drive Samcef simulations from Catia V5

LMS Samtech Samcef Gateway provides you with extended simulation capabilities in a fully associative environment and enables you to export LMS Samcef data from a Catia V5 analysis document. It gives access to LMS Samtech Samcef Solver Suite from dialog boxes linked to the Catia generative part structural (GPS) environment; extra dialog boxes for features specific to LMS Samcef are available. You can input missing features via a text file that is automatically added at the end of the file produced by LMS Samcef Gateway. 

With Samcef Gateway, you can quickly produce linear, nonlinear, mechanical and thermal models by adding specific features to an existing model built within the Catia V5 environment. LMS Samcef Gateway speeds up the design work using a single user interface for the:

  • Geometry definition
  • Analysis data definition
  • Meshing
  • Translation into Samcef files
  • Postprocessing

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