LMS Samtech Tea Pipe

LMS Samtech Tea Pipe

Perform advanced nonlinear flexible mechanical simulation analysis of pipes (flexible/rigid hoses)

MS Samtech Tea Pipe is a comprehensive and powerful software package for the mechanical nonlinear simulation analysis of many types of hoses, cables and pipes (such as brake cables in a car or air and water hoses around a motor). As an LMS Tea Pipe user, you can analyze the behavior of pipes within a Siemens PLM Software NX or CATIA® V5 environment.

With LMS Tea Pipe, you can use a pipe manufacturer database to define material behavior as well as define pipe connectors and supports on points and geometries from CAD models. You can find the optimal length, the connector positions and orientations while checking collisions or curvatures. As a result, you can export deformed pipes to create a new pipe shape and use the input for further analysis.

Siemens PLM

Further Information: www.plm.automation.siemens.com/products/lms/samtech/tea-pipe