LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics for Acoustic Simulation

Siemens PLM

Are your customers expecting quieter products? Are competitors gaining ground by using sound quality as a differentiator? Will tighter noise regulations impact your product sales? Would you like to decrease the time spent on predicting sound fields or shave off weeks on complex jobs like engine run-ups? In the past, parametric analysis and design refinement was simply not feasible because of cost and time constraints. The only option was to apply expensive techniques late in the development stage at the expense of design flexibility. You can conquer these challenges with the LMS Virtual.Lab acoustic simulation solutions.

Minimize noise and optimize sound quality in designs by simulating interior and exterior acoustic radiation

Acoustic simulation via LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics helps you perform acoustic meshing and remodel design changes within an hour and analyze the acoustic response within a day. You will be able to make informed decisions during early design stages and systematically refine and optimize your product’s acoustic performance.

Further information: www.plm.automation.siemens.com/products/lms/virtual-lab/acoustics/