LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration

LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration

From component forced response to system-level noise and vibration analysis and prediction

Siemens PLM

LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration offers a unique hybrid noise and vibration analysis approach that intelligently combines finite element (FE) modeling with test-derived models. In addition to the link to testing, Noise and Vibration uses simulated data from multibody and flexible body simulations created in our multibody modeling software. In this way, you define realistic load cases according to actual model dimensions to determine the optimal time-domain performance. Noise and Vibration analysis also generates data for more in-depth acoustic analysis using acoustic simulation.

Noise and Vibration provides all the tools to create system-level noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) models based on subsystems and components. Throughout the development, you can insert modifications to individual FE or test derived components and assembly connections to improve the system-level NVH performance. With its unique capability to incorporate both test-based and FE-based models in an assembly, the Noise and Vibration hybrid solution offers the accuracy and design flexibility you need to produce reliable simulation results.

Further Indormation:www.plm.automation.siemens.com/products/lms/virtual-lab/