MD Nastran

MD Nastran

MD Nastran is the world's most powerful enterprise simulation software solution. MD Nastran combines the best-in-class technology platforms including MSC Nastran, Marc, Dytran and LS-Dyna into one fully integrated multidiscipline solution for the enterprise. MD Nastran provides the broadest range of simulation and analysis capabilities available in the market today.

MD Nastran enables engineers to simulate how a design behaves under real-world conditions without having to solely rely on costly physical prototypes. MD Nastran's integrated and multidiscipline simulation capabilities gives engineers increased confidence by virtually testing a product's performance under all conceivable conditions. No other simulation solution in the market can boast the depth and breadth of capabilities that is the core of MD Nastran.

MSC Software

In addition to traditional linear structural analysis, MD Nastran has been revolutionized with integrated, multidiscipline simulation features that enable engineers to perform more accurate simulations faster, and more easily evaluate design decisions through nonlinear, vibration, heat transfer, motion and crash analysis all from within the MSC Nastran environment they have used for decades.

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