Simpleware ScanIP Software

Simpleware ScanIP Software

ScanIP image processing software provides an extensive selection of image processing tools to assist the user in visualising and segmenting regions of interest from any volumetric 3D data (e.g. MRI, CT, MicroCT). Segmented images can be exported as STL files for CAD analysis and RP manufacturing or, with the +ScanFE module, imported directly into leading commercial finite element packages. 

ScanIP interface
ScanIP Key Features

  • Extensive support for range of import file formats 
  • Customisable workspace with multiple 2D / 3D viewing modes 
  • Powerful segmentation tools including Level Set Methods 
  • Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) Algorithms 
  • Model accuracy contingent only on image quality 
  • Volume and topology preserving smoothing 
  • Robust multi-part surface mesh/STL generation 
  • STL mesh decimation 

Some of the benefits using ScanIP: 
  • Intuitive user interface makes ScanIP easy to learn and operate 
  • Visualisation of complex data sets and internal structures 
  • No need to spend hours fixing your STL model - all STLs are guaranteed watertight and of high quality 
  • STLs can be multi-part - ideal for assemblies 
  • Low distortion tesselation ensures good meshing in third party software 

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