Strand7 is a sensibly priced FEA system for structural analysis, designed for Windows. It is used for civil, structural, mechanical, marine and aeronautical applications at around 4000 sites worldwide. 


Strand7 comprises pre-processing (including import, editing, de-featuring and automatic meshing of CAD models), solvers (linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, heat transfer), post-processing and a powerful API. It is extensively benchmarked and distributed with a detailed Verification manual and models.

Strand7 can be used for general structural analysis applications as well as for specialised tasks such as bridge moving load analysis, concrete creep and shrinkage according to national codes such as ACI and CEB-FIP, reinforced concrete design, and more.

It is well suited for staged construction, tension structures, steel and concrete structures, bridges, tall buildings and geotechnical applications.

It’s ability to communicate with other systems for model and geometry translation means that Strand7 can be easily integrated into existing working environments.

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