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Capvidia, has not only been developing FlowVision CFD software since 90's but also been involved in numerous CFD projects and consulted clients regarding their CFD tasks. Capvidia has an engineering project team highly experienced in a wide range of CAE areas ranging from well-known aerodynamics tasks to advanced physics simulations including 2-way strongly coupled FSI (Fluid-Structure-Interaction) calculations. Regarding FSI cases, FlowVision and Abaqus software are directly coupled to each other and Capvidia has great expertise in conducting projects with cooperation of these 2 codes.

Workflow of FlowVision Pilot Projects

Regarding project works, Capvidia mainly follows 2 approaches: Pilot Projects and Projects with Capvidia Resources & Projects On-Side:

Pilot Projects

The pilot projects are ideal to better understand and evaluate the FlowVision capabilities on your specific CFD task. The pilot projects are offered on a fixed time-cost basis, which eliminates unpredictable factors and minimize the risks. Our experts will guide you through the project and share with you their expertise. If you wish to actively participate in the project we will install FV evaluation license on your site so you can follow and actively participate in different project phases.

Projects with Capvidia Resources & Projects On-Side

Capvidia offers a wide range of CFD simulation solutions performed by highly qualified human resources in order to fulfill your engineering tasks. In addition to, and generally followed by, special pilot projects; we are also pleased to serve you by providing regular and project-based CFD consultancy services.

Thanks to unique FlowVison capabilities we can deal with a wide range of special CFD applications, considered to be difficult and not easy to solve. We offer various CFD projects covering all basic as well as the most advanced CFD simulations.

Please contact us for detailed information about completed projects, references and what Capvidia experts may offer for your CFD simulation tasks.

Capvidia NV
Research Park Haasrode Technologielaan 3 B-3001 Leuven Belgium
+32 16 40 27 47