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mETA Post

mETA Post Processor is a thriving multi purpose post-processor, being under rapid and continuous development ever since its first appearance in the market in December 2001.

Having been designed from the very beginning as an integrated environment for meeting all post-processing needs of various CAE disciplines, mETA Post Processor owes its success to its impressive performance, its innovative features and its capabilities of interaction between animations, plots, loaded videos, reports and other items.

These characteristics enable its fast growing deployment by numerous customers world wide.


mETA Post Processor is an advanced post-processing software that provides a broad range of functionality for analyzing results coming from the NASTRAN, ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, PAMCRASH, RADIOSS and MADYMO solvers. It also supports results in ascii PATRAN file format and in columns from ordinary ascii files.
Its multi-disciplinary nature can accommodate diverging post processing needs for Crash, NVH, Durability and other disciplines.

  • Both 3D display and 2Dplot post processing can be conducted at a high level within the same environment.

  • Correlation studies between simulation results and physical test data can be performed using various integrated tools such as video synchronization, video tracking, image matching and others.

  • The post processing chain concludes with the effortless generation of template-based reports within the same environment.

Further development of mETA Post Processor is envisaged to cover even more aspects of post processing, targeting on the provision of a single tool for all CAE sectors.

On top of the forementioned features, the following characteristics are always present in the program: outstanding performance, simple and customizable user interface, high level of automation for routine processes and implementation of innovative advanced features to further enhance post processing.

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