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Jumpstart Early Simulation with Comet/MultiBodyDynamics

Applying multibody dynamic (MBD) simulations to CAD models helps take the guesswork out of mechanical design. Modeling the relative motion of connected parts of a system can predict whether or not individual components can withstand expected loads and stresses. It's a lot better than the old "build it and break it" methodology of product design. Unfortunately, keeping CAD and MBD models in synch during a rapidly-moving development process has been a largely manual, error-prone process. 

Until now. 

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Now you can easily and quickly conduct rigid and flexible MBD simulations with full associativity in a single user environment. What's more, you can conduct these analyses early in the product development process, when simulation can have the greatest impact on product design and quality. Comet/MultiBodyDynamics enables you to simulate the performance of structures and mechanisms - both static and dynamic - using MBD codes in concert with CAD modeling.

Comet/ MultiBodyDynamics enables you to work with your choice of CAD and MBD applications from multiple vendors - without translations and without having to build and maintain subroutines and linkages to pass data back and forth between systems. These tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone activities are eliminated with Comet/MultiBodyDynamics. You'll work with a single model in a single environment.

For example, if you use Pro/ENGINEER for design and ADAMS for multi-body dynamics, your workgroup faces at least two different software environments. Even if you have expert users for each of these systems, valuable time is wasted moving data back and forth, creating and recreating models for each simulation and iteration. It's not only a manual, error-prone process, it also limits the use and impact of product simulation.

With Comet/ MultiBodyDynamics, you only need to build and maintain a single project, which streamlines your process and eliminates errors. For example, changes made to the model in the Pro/ENGINEER CAD mode are fully associative to the Adams MBD model - and vice versa.