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Key Benefits

There are numerous benefits to NAFEMS membership. Listed below are some of the key benefits that companies can achieve through membership.

Better Collaboration

Build new business alliances

Through seminars, conferences, and participation in our respected Working Group Structure, NAFEMS provides outstanding opportunities for forging lasting professional contacts throughout the world of analysis.

Become active within the analysis community

NAFEMS is the ultimate forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience. Use this to your advantage.

Be fully aware of the numerous analysis resources available to your organisation

The requirements of your organisation are unique. NAFEMS can empower you with the knowledge you need to take the correct business-critical decisions on your analysis technology requirements.

Enhance your company's visibility worldwide

NAFEMS is the only organisation that brings together the major software developers, manufacturers, consultancies, and academic institutions from throughout the world. Ensure your organisation is seen to be a part of this global community.

Enhanced Innovation

Develop your personal skills with the latest sophisticated analysis techniques

Your skills need to keep pace with the ever-advancing world of analysis technology. NAFEMS is the only organisation dedicated to ensuring its members have access to the most advanced and sophisticated methods and thinking in the industry.

Remain at the forefront of worldwide engineering analysis technology

The competitive advantage provided by being at the cutting-edge of analysis technology is immeasurable. NAFEMS keeps you there.

Produce better-engineered products with enhanced customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction will always be key. NAFEMS provides you with the opportunity use the latest technology in the most efficient manner, ensuring your customers will always receive the best product currently possible.

Increased Productivity

Maximise the productivity of your design process

Learn about potential pitfalls and pick up time-saving techniques.

Minimise costly physical testing

Increase confidence in your company's analysis capabilities.


Demonstrate commitment to the highest standards

NAFEMS membership reinforces your focus on 'best practices'.

Benchmark your organisation's simulation process

Learn first-hand about the experiences of other organisations similar to your own.

Our Contribution

Over the last 30 years  NAFEMS has:

  • Created a library of internationally acclaimed documents
  • Developed regional groups throughout Europe and North America
  • Accelerated the acceptance of new technologies
  • Established internationally recognised best practice guidelines for performing engineering analysis
  • Driven major international projects, facilitating the collaboration of the major players in the analysis and simulation community from throughout the world.

NAFEMS is now an association of over 1200 companies from all over the world. Members range from major corporations such as Boeing through mid-sized organisations such as Ferrari, to small-scale engineering consultants.

If you work with simulation, you should be part of NAFEMS.