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Computing Issues


1.    Check that the required physical sub-models are available in the software.

2.    Make full use of software facilities to ensure that quality CFD simulations are being undertaken.

  • Use pre-processing tools to check the grid.
  • Use solver facilities to monitor convergence and check for inconsistencies in model set-up.
  • Use post-processing facilities to ensure that physically­realistic predictions are obtained.



1.    Ensure that there is sufficient memory available to run at the required levels of numerical resolution and avoid swapping to disk.

  • Optimise solution approach to minimise use of memory.

2.    Estimate run-times to ensure that simulations can be undertaken in the required time-scales.

3.    Ensure that sufficient disk space is available to store CFD solutions.

  • Choose data dump frequencies to avoid problems.

4.    Use parallel processing for larger jobs.