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CFD Jargon Explained

“If language be not accorded priority over subject, then the subject can have no reliable priority at all”

L.J.K. Setright

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a very powerful engineering tool, enabling a wide variety of flow situations to be simulated, reducing the amount of testing required, increasing understanding and accelerating development. It can be applied to a very wide range of applications and this breadth of application means that personnel from a wide range of different backgrounds come into contact with CFD; be they managers, engineers (mechanical, chemical, biomedical, civil or even electronic) or people involved in sales or marketing.

The use of CFD jargon can therefore be particularly frustrating. The aim of this downloadable and searchable PDF document is to provide short and hopefully clear definitions for the more commonly used CFD terms and acronyms. In many cases this will provide sufficient understanding. Where more detail or depth is required, the reader is referred to the textbooks listed in the bibliography and the increasing range of CFD and application specific textbooks now available. This is not a fully comprehensive list of all terms that are used in the context of CFD. Updates are planned to cover additional terms as required. Comments and suggestions from users will be welcomed as will suggestions for future publications, using the form below.

How to understand CFD Jargon.pdf