On-Site Learning Solutions

On-Site Learning Solutions 

NAFEMS private On-Site Learning Solutions are exclusive to your organisation and dedicated to ensuring that our training helps you achieve your training and development goals. We have recognised that many organisations benefit from training which are more tailored to their needs and specifications than a standard course, ensuring that your organisation achieves its ultimate goals from the training.

Some of the main reasons to choose onsite training:

  • All of the high quality courses can be adapted to meet your needs
  • Training is provided in a confidential environment so attendees can be comfortable discussing particular challenges of their organisation
  • Your organisation's goals are incorporated into the courses to ensure real value
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for team working amongst your staff
  • First hand teaching by a world-class tutor
  • Student and tutor interaction, questions resolved immediately
  • No additional expenses – your training budget is purely for training


A Tailored Programme of Learning

NAFEMS Learning Solutions team can coordinate a tailored programme of learning based on your organisation's needs and requirements. We can also offer a complete package of training which can be a combination of classroom and online training. By discussing your training needs, we can collaborate on the most effective combination of training for your organisation.

Courses available include:


Why do Engineering Simulation

Practical Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Introduction to CFD Analysis: Theory and Applications

Introduction to Dynamics Using FEA

CFD for Structural Designers and Analysts


10 Steps to Successful Explicit Dynamics Analysis

Practical Modelling of Joints and Connections

Essential Principles of Simulation Data Management

Practical Introduction to Non-Linear FEA

Composite FEA

Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics in FEA

Structural Optimization in FEA


Verification & Validation in Scientific Computing

Elements of Turbulence Modelling

Verification & Validation in Engineering Simulation

Advanced Dynamic FEA

Verification & Validation of Computational Models





Einführung in die praktische Anwendung der Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM)


Méthodologies et Bonnes Pratiques de Simulation Numérique en contexte industriel

Méthode des Éléments Finis pour le Dimensionnement et la Vérification de Pièces et Structures

Vérification et Validation des simulations pour l'ingénierie


Contact Us

To discuss how any of these options could work for you and your company, please contact NAFEMS on training@nafems.org, call +44(0)1355 225688 or fill in this form.