Why Do Engineering Simulation

Why Do Engineering Simulation?


A course investigating the reasons and information for using engineering simulation



Short 1/2 Day Training Course

Engineering simulation of all types has become widely used and universally accepted in almost if not all industry sectors. It is a powerful technology able to reduce time and costs however there are many components to its successful use.

The course investigates engineering simulation using the 5W1H process and provides the basic reasons for its use, including real world case studies and examples. It describes the basic requirements that are needed, such as computers, software and engineering resources including some history and briefly outlines a few of the most common methods employed. Some issues to be aware of are presented and some best practices regarding engineering knowledge are proposed.

Interaction is encouraged throughout the course. Questions and class participation are encouraged, as this is one of the key aspects of making this a unique experience for each attendee.

Attendees are welcome to bring laptops to take notes but a full set of printed and bound notes will be issued.

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at directors, managers and team leaders of departments, companies or institutions that either

  • do not know about engineering simulation and its advantages, 
  • possibly have some knowledge but have not yet started using engineering simulation or 
  • wish to justify the use of engineering simulation within their organization. 

If you have sufficient attendees or a group of potential attendees then a tailor made course may be more suitable and NAFEMS can then work closely with you to cater for your specific industry sector or analysis type.

Course Program

This course is short and combines information, examples, case studies and time for open discussion of the concepts presented.

  • Describe engineering simulation.
  • Justify the advantages of using engineering simulation.
  • Explain when engineering simulation should be carried out.
  • Brief descriptions of how we do engineering simulation.
  • Explanations of requirements to do engineering simulation.
  • Sectors using engineering simulation.
  • What to look for regarding engineer knowledge.


Interested in this Course? 

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Course Tutor:

Gino Duffett

Read Gino Duffett's bio on the NAFEMS Tutors page