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Once applicants have completed the online application form, the PSE Certification Administrator will then check the application form for completeness and consistency. Applicants will receive a note from the NAFEMS office confirming receipt of the form and advising of the approximate timeline for their application.

The Administrator will check with the referees supplied that they are aware of the applicant’s submission and support their application for NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Certification.

Applications will be forwarded to two independent PSE Certification Assessors who will assess the competencies claimed against the experience noted. Assessors will check the matrix linking competencies claimed and experience, however the referees supplied in the application are required to attest the applicant's claim to the relevant high level competency statements.

An interview will then be arranged by the Administrator, with the applicants and the assessors, at a convenient time. This interview may be undertaken by telephone, video call over the web, or in person.

Following the interview, the assessors will make their final recommendation for the PSE Certification application and this will then be discussed with the PSE Certification Coordinator. The PSE Assessors will make one of four recommendations. These are:

  • recommend successful application and grant certification; 
  • defer with guidance regarding submission; 
  • not recommended or 
  • more information requested. 

NAFEMS will be advised of the results and applicants will receive notification accordingly. If the applicant has not been recommended for certification by the assessors, feedback will be given to assist with future applications. If successful, applicants will receive a certificate, including details of competencies gained and assessed and their name will be entered into the Record of Certified PSEs.

PSE Appeals procedure

Applying for PSE Certification (PDF)