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Entry Level PSEs

Once accepted as an Entry-Level PSE and if working towards standard level, the trainee works under the guidance of a Mentor of professional standing. The Mentor monitors the trainee PSE’s accumulation of workplace experience and,equally importantly, their accumulation of competency.

The Entry-Level PSE is required to keep a logbook to record the accumulation of workplace experience and competency. The Mentor must attest each entry in th elogbook. When the Mentor considers the analyst to have accumulated sufficient competency to qualify for certification, the Entry-Level PSE applies for assessment by submitting the logbook for examination by the NAFEMS’ Assessment Panel and by paying an assessment fee. NAFEMS’ assessors have the right to contact the Mentor or referees to question any entry in the logbook.

Entry-Level PSE applicants are expected to find a suitable Mentor of professional standing. In the instance that an applicant cannot find an appropriate mentor, NAFEMS may be able to assist.

Applying for PSE Certification (PDF)