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Elastic Stress Analysis

general - elasticity is the theory of material response in which stress is a single valued function of strain which is independent of the loading history. For such materials, a potential for stress in terms of strain is defined in the form of a strain energy function. Linear elasticity is a special form where the stress is a linear function of strain, otherwise there exists non-linear elasticity .

Texts FEP , R0018 , R0091 .

set of general benchmarks - well-defined benchmark tests covering a variety of elastic problems.

Benchmarks P05 , P07 , P08 , P18 , R0006 ,
Case Studies/Workbooks R0019 , R0078 , R0086 .

beams - structures thin in two of its three dimensions but whose displacements, rotations, etc., can be in any direction.

Texts FEP , HT34 .

plates - flat thin structures whose displacements, rotations, etc., are restricted to describe movements which are essentially normal to the flat plane.

Texts FEP , HT34 ,
Benchmarks P05 , P07 , P08 , P18 , R0006 , R0089 .

shells - thin structures which can be flat or curved and whose displacements can be in any direction.

Texts FEP , HT34 , P12 ,
Benchmarks P04 , P05 , P07 , P08 , P12 , P18 , R0006 , R0089 .

composites - materials deliberately made up from mixtures of basic materials in order to improve operational performance. The properties are usually directionally dependent.

Texts HT25 , R0091 ,
Benchmarks R0003 , R0031 , R0084 , R0092 , R0093 .

hierarchical elements - element families with varying shape function orders such that the stiffness matrix of each order contains the stiffness matrices of each of the lower ordered elements as sub-matrices.

Text P13 .

element performance and shape sensitivity - the detailed study of how particular elements behave, in terms of both refinement convergence and errors due to badly-shaped individual elements.

Texts FEP , HT07 , HT28 , P11, P14 ,
Benchmarks P01 , P08 , R0012 .