Three-Dimensional Vibration Isolator for Suppressing High-Frequency Responses for Sage III Contamination Monitoring Package (CMP)

In mid-December 2015, the world watched as the latest crew of astronauts and cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station, aboard Soyuz TMA-19M. The successful start to the six-month 'Principia' mission was watched by thousands of school children as part of the ESA educational programme running alongside the mission, hopefully inspiring many to consider careers in engineering. Anyone watching the launch, or watching the launch sequence in any space movie would get an understanding of how vibration can lead to structural failure. This article,from engineers working at NASA Langley Research Centre, takes a look at how engineering analysis and simulation can be used to mitigate the effects of vibration induced load.

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AuthorsLi. Y Cutright. S Dyke. R Templeton. J Gasbarre. J Novak. F
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st January 2016
OrganisationNasa Langley Research Center


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