The Dynamic Test Agency Handbook - Volume 9

The current NAFEMS Dynamics and Testing Working Group (DTWG) was borne out of the Dynamics Testing Agency (DTA).  The original DTA was set up in the late 1980s through a collaboration between industry and the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry to disseminate best practice to the structural dynamic community.  Its output was primarily biased towards the testing community not only to provide fundamental advice on how to implement effective testing, but also to inform users on the analysis and interpretation of results.  One of the objectives of the original group was to bring together test and analysis to exploit the complementary aspects of each approach. Thus, Finite Element Model (FEM) reconciliation was one of the key activities of the DTA.

One of the key documents that can came out of the DTA was the "Dynamic Test Agency Handbook".  "Volume 9 - Structural integrity assessment" can be downloaded from the NAFEMS member download button.

The other volumes that constitute the Dynamic Test Agency Handbook can be found at the links below:

An introduction to the DTA, its products and services - Volume 0
Instrumentation - Volume 1
Data acquisition and signal processing - Volume 2
Modal testing and validation - Volume 3
Non-linearity in dynamic testing - Volume 4
Dynamic testing of materials - Volume 5
Shock and vibration testing - Volume 6
Laboratory simulation testing - Volume 7
Condition monitoring - Volume 8

Document Details

AuthorDynamic Testing Agency
Date 4th December 1994
OrganisationDynamic Testing Agency


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