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1. 1st Consortium Steering Committee Meeting

1st Consortium Steering Committee Meeting Meeting venue ArabellaSheraton Airport HotelMunich, Germany This was the first meeting of the autosim steering committee, held in order to outline the way forward for the project and plan for the upcoming technical workshops. Agenda Meeting room "Wittelsbacher Stube"11:30 am    Introduction to the Autosim project & introduction of participants1:00 pm    Lunch2:00 pm     Autosim organisati

2. technology overview -v1.xls

"" "Technology Overview" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Keyword" "Engineering analysis requirement" "PL" "SoP" "TRL" "Remarks" "Industry" "FENet Technical Theme" "Origin" "Date" "Elas- composites" "Failure mechanisms of fibre reinforced composite materials" "" "" "7" "" "Aerospace" "DLE" "FENet" "Jul-2005" "Fract- general" "Fracture mechanics/fracture control" "6" "4" "8" "" "Aerospace" "DLE" "FENet" "Jul-2005" "Fract- general" "Crack propagation and residual strength" "6" "4" "8" "More than 15 ye

3. FENET_Noordwijk_Oct2003_MPA_sector.pdf

Multi-Physics and Analysis Key Issues · · · · · Multi-disciplinary or Multi-physics simulation ? Levels of coupling ­ ranging from loosely to closely coupled Multi-scale ­ integrating over a variety of length and time scales Parallelisation ­ the compute demand of multi-physics simulation Emerging software technologies - new paradigms FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Multi-Physics and Analysis: Achievements/deliverables ·

4. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Tech_Issues_PSO_Hoffmann.pdf

Robustness Measures i n Syst em Engi neer ing Rai ner Hoff mann, Jacek M arczyk EASi Engineeri ng GmbH Alzenau, G ermany FENET THE MA TI C NE TWORK COMPETI TI VE AND SUSTAINABL E GRO WTH (GROWTH) PROG RA MME CONTENT · · · What is robustness Measures of robust ness Sources of non- robust ness FENET THE MA TI C NE TWORK COMPETI TI VE AND SUSTAINABL E GRO WTH (GROWTH) PROG RA MME What is a robust system A system is sai d to be robust i f i t per forms in an acceptable manner in the f

5. 5th Technology Workshop

5th FENet Technology Workshop Durability and Life Extension (DLE): Modelling Fatigue of Metals Multi Physics and Analysis (MPA): Computational Modelling of Multi Physics Processes in Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Offshore Industries Product and System Optimization (PSO): Benchmark and Guidelines for Optimisation in Finite Element Analyses Education & Dissemination (E&D): Best-practice in the Modelling of Details Common in Fabricated Plate/Shell Construction Noordwijk, The Neth

6. FENET_Zurich_June2002_EDU_Kenny.pdf

Industry Se ctor RTD The m a tic Are a Educ ation & Dis s emination Da te 14th June 2002 Web Based Learning for Simulation: ..Status, ..Barriers & ..Opportunities T.Kenny NAFEMS, U.K. Summary As part of the IST MOPLE project a review of initiatives in this areas was presented at a seminar. This paper summarises some of the key points and issues raised. The proceedings of the seminar will also be published on the FENET web site. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWT

7. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Marine_McVee.pdf

Industry Sector Marine and Offshore RTD Thematic Area Durability & Life Extension Date 13/11/01 Deliverable Nr N/A Crack management for naval ships Dr John D G Sumpter & John D McVee QinetiQ Rosyth, Centre for Marine Technology, Dunfermline, United Kingdom Summary This presentation considers the need for a crack management policy for naval surface ships and in particular the requirements for assessing whether it is safe to leave a crack unrepaired. A case study demonstrates that it is feasib

8. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Process_Dop1.pdf

Industry Se ctor PROCESS & MA NUFA CTURING RTD The m a tic Are a Da te 13/11/2001 Process and manufacturing Summary of issues Gerrit-Jan Dop, SKF - The Netherlands Stefano Odorizzi, Engin Soft - Italy FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Industrial requirements Variety of processes Variety of materials Human/cultural aspects (role of experience) Time constraints Process simulation as part of the design chain FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND S

9. Advanced FE Contact Benchmarks II

Advanced Finite Element Contact Benchmarks II A summary report of the FENet Durability and Life Extension (DLE) workshop in Majorca,Spain, 25th March 2004. By Prof. Adib Becker, University of Nottingham, UK Introduction This workshop was the second FENET-DLE workshop on contact benchmarks, and is a followup to the contact workshop held in Copenhagen (27-28 February 2002). The first contact workshop addressed the difficulties experienced by FE users in modelling contact problems, current limitati

10. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Bio_kelly.pdf

Industry Se ctor Biomedic al RTD The m a tic Are a Da te Finite Element Analysis of Medical Devices Stuart Kelly WS Atkins Consultants Ltd. Bristol, UK. FENet Industry Requirements Workshop, Wiesbaden, November 2001 FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME WS Atkins' Perspective Content: · · · · · WS Atkins ­ Medical Device FE experience Case Study ­ Synthetic Heart Valves Benefits of FE in Medical Device development Barriers to use

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