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1. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Process_Dop1.pdf

Industry Se ctor PROCESS & MA NUFA CTURING RTD The m a tic Are a Da te 13/11/2001 Process and manufacturing Summary of issues Gerrit-Jan Dop, SKF - The Netherlands Stefano Odorizzi, Engin Soft - Italy FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Industrial requirements Variety of processes Variety of materials Human/cultural aspects (role of experience) Time constraints Process simulation as part of the design chain FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND S

2. Advanced FE Contact Benchmarks II

Advanced Finite Element Contact Benchmarks II A summary report of the FENet Durability and Life Extension (DLE) workshop in Majorca,Spain, 25th March 2004. By Prof. Adib Becker, University of Nottingham, UK Introduction This workshop was the second FENET-DLE workshop on contact benchmarks, and is a followup to the contact workshop held in Copenhagen (27-28 February 2002). The first contact workshop addressed the difficulties experienced by FE users in modelling contact problems, current limitati

3. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Bio_kelly.pdf

Industry Se ctor Biomedic al RTD The m a tic Are a Da te Finite Element Analysis of Medical Devices Stuart Kelly WS Atkins Consultants Ltd. Bristol, UK. FENet Industry Requirements Workshop, Wiesbaden, November 2001 FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME WS Atkins' Perspective Content: · · · · · WS Atkins ­ Medical Device FE experience Case Study ­ Synthetic Heart Valves Benefits of FE in Medical Device development Barriers to use

4. FENET_Copenhagen_Feb2002_EDU_Smart.pdf

I ndustry Se ctor RTD The m a tic Are a Educa tion & Di sse m ina ti on Da te 27-Fe b-02 De l ive ra bl e Nr The Supply of Engineering Graduates - A UK Perspective John Smart, University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom Summary Figures are given to show the reducing supply of engineering graduates from UK Universities. The implications are discussed. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Background · In the last few years there h

5. FENET_Lisbon_Dec2004_deBoer_Bouwdienst.pdf

Materials Modelling and Uncertainties Ane de Boer, Civil Engineering Division, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management The Netherlands Paul H. Waarts, Infrastructure, TNO Building and Construction Research The Netherlands 4th FENET Annual Industrial Meeting 2004 LISBON Outline · Introduction · Examples uncertainties civil engineering · Probabilistic appendix to FE analyses · Common Material models · Example probabilistic FE analyses · Merging Bayes theorem to

6. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Civil_Schreppers.pdf

Industry Se ctor Civil Cons truc tion RTD The m a tic Are a Da te 13-Nov-01 Analysis Issues & Business Drivers for Civil Construction Gerd-Jan Schreppers TNO Building & Construction Research, Delft, the Netherlands Civil Constructions are mostly unique, testing is usually not possible FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Some Examples of Finite Element Applications in Civil Construction · Calculating force distribution and loading limits of a rei

7. FENET_Lisbon_Dec2004_Ind_Summary_Power_Pressure.pdf

Power & Pressure Systems Industry Coordinators Iain Davidson (DfT) and Nawal Prinja (NNC) ­2 Dec 2004 Lisbon FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Agenda · · · · · · · · · Industry drivers Technology needs ­ specific issues State of the art ­ (Technology Readiness Level) State of practice ­ (Technology Maturity Level) The importance of technology ­ (Priority level) R & D needs Barriers to dissemination and uptake

8. FENET_Trieste_Sept2002_MPA_Svobodnik.pdf

Indust r y Sect or RTD Themat ic Ar ea Multi Phy sic s and Analy si s D at e 11. 9. 02 Closely Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction in Computational Acoustics Alfred J. Svobodnik NAD ­ Numerical Analysis and Design GmbH & Co KG, Wien, Austria Summary Fluid-Structure Interaction in Computational Acoustics Industrial Examples Pro's and Con's of an Integrated Environment FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Agenda

9. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Power_Wright.pdf

Industry Se ctor Power & Pres s ure Sy s tems RTD The m a tic Are a Durability and Life Ex tens ion Da te Nov-01 The Use of Finite Element Analysis in the UK Gas Industry Keith Wright Structural Integrity Assessments Ltd, Melbourne, Derby, United Kingdom Summary A brief overview of some of the uses of FEA in the UK Gas Industry is described along with a summary of suggested possible future activities of FENet that would be of real benefit to the UK Gas Industry. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPE

10. FENET_Copenhagen_Feb2002_EDU_Guisset.pdf

In du stry S e cto r RT D Th e m a tic Are a Da te De live ra b le Nr Barriers to the Effective Use of Virtual Prototypes in the Industry... The LMS View Pierre Guisset LMS International, Leuven, Belgium Summary User experiences, barriers for deployment of Virtual Prototyping methodologies FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Contents · Introduction · User feedback · LMS Experience · Conclusion ­ Key Points FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COM

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