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1. FENET_Hamburg_Dec2003_Cornec_GKSS.pdf

3rd FENET Meeting, Hamburg, 4-5 Dec. 2003 1 Introduction of the Task internal pressure Section of the Fuselage Stringers Two-Bay Crack Frames Skin Demonstration of sufficient residual strength for a long fatigue crack Two-Bay Crack under discussion for regulation 3rd FENET Meeting, Hamburg, 4-5 Dec. 2003 2 General Aspects Key Motivation: "Structual Efficency" Reduction of weight: up to -20% (by integral structures) Increase of structural performance and reliability Contributing secti

2. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Tech_Issues_MPA_McVee.pdf

Industry Sector Marine and Offshore RTD Thematic Area Multiphysics & Analysis Technology Date 13/11/01 Deliverable Nr N/A Multiphysics needs in the naval marine industry John D McVee & Dr A P Steer QinetiQ Rosyth, Centre for Marine Technology, Dunfermline, United Kingdom Summary An overview is given of possible multiphysics applications with reference to current QinetiQ research including that aimed at validated design and analysis capability for Trimaran warships. Examples are given of curr

3. FENET_Majorca_March2004_MPA_Case4.pdf

Adapting PHYSICA to your Problems Avril Slone & Mark Cross University of Greenwich FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Palma, Majorca 2004 University of Greenwich User User Module Flow Module Stress Module Heat Module Control Modules User can access User can access user, control and user, control and algorithmic levels. algorithmic levels. System Matrix General Equation Solution control Algorithms Matrix Solvers Interpolation Convection/Diffusio

5. FENET_Prague_Dec2002_Lardeur_Renault.pdf

1 Industry Sector RTD Thematic Area Date 12/12/02 Land Transport and AerospaceProduct & System Optimization MODELLING THE VIBRATIONAL BEHAVIOUR OF GALVANIZED ASSEMBLIES APPLICATION TO ENGINE CRADLES P. Lardeur (Renault/University of Compiegne), J. M. Duffal, J. Hettinger (Gist) RENAULT, Guyancourt, France C. Liénard, F. Jourda, L. Taupin, S. Joly (Medysys) Auto Chassis International (ACI), Le Mans, France Summary This study was performed in partnership between ACI (Auto Chassis Internati

6. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Civil_katz1.pdf

I ndustry S e ctor RT D The m a ti c Are a Da te Reinventing the wheel Dr. Casimir Katz SOFiSTiK AG, Oberschleissheim, Germany Summary What are the differences and benefits of the two cases: Either to have multiple FE-element codes or one giant universal tool capable to deal with everything. And how can we obtain the best mixture of both approaches. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Why do we buy software ? · Software allows us to do our jobs

7. simulation_vs_reality_july2005_15morris2.pdf

Simulation vs Reality ­ Dearborn ­ July 2005 vs Reality Dearborn Simulation versus Reality Ford Research Laboratory, July 2005 Tim Morris ­ Chief Operating Officer, NAFEMS Tim Simulation vs Reality ­ Dearborn ­ July 2005 vs Reality Dearborn Why validate? For a Formula 1 engineer, speed is everything For everything "Even for a whole car aerodynamics model, we don't need to perform any validation ­ we just know that it works. That's good enough for us" Simulation vs Real

8. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_ConsumerGoods_Lerke.pdf

Industry Se ctor Cons umer Goods RTD The m a tic Are a Da te 13-nov-01 Use of Finite Element Analyses in mobile phones design process Niels Dam Lerke Finite Element Analyses Nokia Mobile Phones, Copenhagen, Denmark Summary Finite Element Analyses are increasingly being used in the design process of small electronics, as mobile phones, from scratch to prototype testing. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME · · · · Characteristic of prod

9. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Tech_Issues_PSO_Ou.pdf

I ndustry S e ctor RT D The m a ti c Are a Da te Forging Simulation for Aeroengine Components Hengan Ou, Cecil Armstrong and Mark Price Finite Element Modelling Group Queen`s University, Belfast Northern Ireland, UK FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Forging Criteria/Requirements 150oC 10~103 s 950oC -1 950oC 10-3~10-2 s 950oC -1 500~1200 MPa 800oC 80~120 MPa 950oC 150oC 950oC Conventional forging Isothermal forging

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