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3. 4th Technology Workshop

4th FENet Technology Workshop Durability and Life Extension (DLE): Finite Element Simulation of Welds and Joints Multi Physics and Analysis (MP): Fluid-Structure Interaction Product and System Optimization (PSO): Benchmark and Guidelines for Optimisation in Finite Element Analyses Education & Dissemination (E&D): Quality Assurance in Finite Element Analysis Barcelona, SpainFebruary 2003 The 4th FENet Technology Workshops were held at the Hotel HCC Montblanc in the city center o

4. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_LandTransport_Mangino2.pdf

1st annual FENet workshop Land transport industry area Wiesbaden, November 13th, 2001 I ndustry S e ctor Land t rans port RTD The m a ti c Are a Da te Novem ber 13 th Analysis Issues & Business Drivers for Land Transport Enrico Mangino Centro Ricerche Fiat, Orbassano (TO), Italy Summary Overview on FEM use in land transport industry FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME 1st annual FENet workshop Land transport industry area Wiesbaden, November 13th,

5. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_Process_Dop2.pdf

I ndustry Se ctor Proce ss&m a nufa cturi ng RTD The m a tic Are a Da te Nov 13th 2001 De l ive ra bl e Nr Simulation of 3D metal forming processes of axi-symmetric products Gerrit-Jan Dop SKF Engineering & Research Centre Nieuwegein The Netherlands Summary Frequently experienced FEA related difficulties: ·loss of volume due to arbitray remeshing ·exceeding max. limit on available stress-strain data ·almost rigid body motions at process start-up ·numerical instabilities (from con

6. FENET_Trieste_Sept2002_NSC_Meeting.pdf

FENET NSC MEETING 13th September 2002 University Trieste -- Trieste, Italy FENET NSC MEETING NSC DINNER, 12TH SEPTEMBER 2002 Restaurant Antico Panada, Viale Rossini 8/a, 34142 Trieste phone +39 - 0 40 - 3 47 62 86 The restaurant is in walking distance from most hotels in city centre. We ordered two menues (one with fish and one with meet) inkl. 1/4 l wine and 1/2 l table water for 38,00 Euro per person. We agreed that everybody will pay individually either with credit card or cash. 20:00 NSC

7. FENET_Noordwijk_Oct2003_MPA_Intro.pdf

Multi-Physics and Analysis · Needs for multi-physics in each of the sectors - aerospace, defence, marine and offshore · Current limitations of commercial analysis tools · Features of coupled problems at the leading edge · Compute performance & parallelisation issues FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Multi-Physics and Analysis · Define a validation & verification strategy for MPA simulation · Benchmark problems ­ identify & select

8. FENET_Copenhagen_Feb2002_DLE_Bout.pdf

Running NAFEMS Contact Benchmark Problems using MSC.Marc Adrie Bout MSC.Software Benelux B.V. Gouda, The Netherlands NAFEMS-FENET, February 27-28 (C) Copyright MSC.Software Corporation · Contents: ­ Some general comments ­ Detailed discussion of the NAFEMS Benchmark Problems CGS-1 to CGS-10 ­ Conclusions and recommendations NAFEMS-FENET, February 27-28 Some general comments · Education: ­ Should a user realize which of all the possible attributes are relevant for his parti

9. FENET_Zurich_June2002_MPA_Steven.pdf

FENET---PRODUCT and SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION (PSO) Technology Area Survey of FENET Members on Issues and Requirements in this Technology Area--November 2001 Preamble FENET has been running for 2 months now and a crucial ingredient of the activity is to establish issues and requirements in each Tech Area. From these can come definitions of research and guidance to members on current and best-practice. In joining FENET we have acknowledged that our contributions are pre-competitive in our industry area

10. 2nd Technology Workshop

2nd FENet Technology Workshop As agreed in the Workshop Planning Meeting, a NAFEMS/ FENET Awareness Seminar on "Web Based Training for Engineering Analysis“ was held one day prior the FENET Technical Workshops. The workshop intended to provide delegates with an overview of emerging tools and products, which seek to provide web-based training in the area of engineering analysis. It reviewed a number of active projects in this field with presentations given by leading experts and

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