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1. Past Projects

Past Projects 

2. Projects

Projects As the only independent international organisation dedicated to the engineering analysis community, NAFEMS is involved in a number of external projects with other organisations in the European Community and beyond. NAFEMS members benefit significantly from our involvement in these projects, by having the opportunity to get involved at all stages. As well as being in a position to influence project direction, provide feedback which is truly taken onboard, and benefit from the outco

3. Equilibrium Finite Elements (EFE)

Equilibrium Finite Elements (EFE)RMA are developing an engineering tool to assist engineers with the limit analysis of slabs and plates. The software has yet to be released but we would be pleased to hear of expressions of interest in our software and we might also be able to undertake design/assessment projects to illustrate how our software might assist in practical engineering projects.

5. Ulrich Heck

Ulrich Heck Dr. Heck Consulting and Engineering provides engineering services for mechanical stress, dynamics, thermal and CFD analyses. Based in Krefeld, Germany. Experience and special interests: • Fluid-Structure-Interactions (FSI): 8 years experience (industrial projects) • CFD: 10 years experience (scientific and industrial), special interests: Turbulence, compressible flows, heat transfer • Structural FEA : 8 years experience (industria

6. The Heart of NAFEMS

The Heart of NAFEMSFor over 30 years, NAFEMS has been at the very heart of the simulation community. Our members come from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe. As an international, non-profit association, NAFEMS wants to look further than our own membership, and actively contribute to society at large. This is why, starting at the NAFEMS World Congress 2015 in San Diego this year, NAFEMS will be raising funds for Plan International, a charitable organisation which aims to help

7. NAFEMS Joins New FEM Forging Project

NAFEMS Joins New FEM Forging Project NAFEMS announces today that is a core partner for the new ‘FEM Forging’ international project. The aim of this Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project will be to promote the effective use of numerical analysis by using Finite Elements for the present and future workforce, in the forging sector. It will accomplish this by setting out the skills that forging engineers, technicians and designers should have to be competent in using

8. Ramsay Maunder Associates Limited

Ramsay Maunder Associates LimitedRamsay Maunder Associates (RMA) Limited provides design analysis services to clients in a range of engineering industries to assist them in bringing their design analysis projects to successful realisation. Both company directors and associates are specialists in Finite Element (FE) analysis and have considerable longstanding expertise in understanding and modelling structures and in delivering fully verified and appropriately optimised design analysis solutions

9. myVGL

myVGLmyVGL is the free viewer app for projects created with Volume Graphics software. With myVGL, you can view 3D objects (in voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD format), the analyses and measurements performed on these objects, and the results. myVGL is fully compatible to VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, and VGMETROLOGY as well as previous versions. It also offers the new, flexible reporting features of VGSTUDIO MAX.

10. PRACE Call Announcements

PRACE Call AnnouncementsPRACE provides HPC resources to researchers and scientists through Preparatory Access (code scaling and optimization) and/or through Project Access (large-scale, computationally intensive projects).16th PRACE Call for Proposals for Project Access will be open from 26 September 2017 to 21 November 2017. The Call for Proposals for PRACE Preparatory Access is a continuously open call with cut-off dates every 3 months. Applicants to PRACE Calls for Proposals, can fi

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