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1. "Expect the Unexpected" - Three Decades Personal Experience of How the Unexpected Can Challenge Structural Integrity Requirements

"Expect the Unexpected" - Three Decades Personal Experience of How the Unexpected Can Challenge Structural Integrity RequirementsPresented by Simon Brittle, Assistant Chief Engineer at Rolls-Royce Submarines, this webinar discusses Simon's experience of unexpected issues and unintended consequences, which could present a threat to structural integrity of high value components and systems. High integrity components and systems are widely used in nuclear, oil and gas, chemical processing and other

2. Registration

Congrès NAFEMS France Congrès NAFEMS France Paris, 6-7 juin 2012 Hotel NOVOTEL, Paris Porte de Charenton Inscription Registration Form Nom, Prénom Email Téléphone Société Adresse   Je souhaite m'inscrire au Congrès NAFEMS France en tant que non adhérent NAFEMS -> 750 Euro(HT)Adhérent NAFEMS -> GratuitUniversitaire -> 675 Euro(HT)Adhérent hors crédit -> 600 Euro(HT)€Etudiant du super

3. CFD in the Marine & Offshore Design Process

CFD in the Marine & Offshore Design ProcessAre you involved in the design or operation of offshore vessels or platforms? Or perhaps you would like to understand how you can reduce the need for towing tank testing by using CFD, or explore new, advanced methods for using CFD to design energy efficient vessels? If so, we are holding an educational seminar you shouldn't miss. Attend this seminar and learn more about the use of simulation to understand, improve or mitigate:Vortex Induced Motion

4. NAFEMS Advanced Workbook of Examples - Volume 1

NAFEMS Advanced Workbook of Examples - Volume 1 In various surveys of NAFEMS members, Education and Training always comes very high on the list of priorities. In discussions at NAFEMS Education and Training Working Group (ETWG) it became apparent that there is a large gap between what is conventionally taught in an undergraduate engineering degree and the capability of finite element programs. Consequently, the ETWG has commissioned many documents for which the intended reader is the ‘1 y

6. Lockheed Martin selects Esteco for the Expedite Program

Lockheed Martin selects Esteco for the Expedite ProgramLockheed Martin has selected VOLTA, Esteco’s collaborative engineering software platform, to advance multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO) technologies as part of the EXPEDITE Program.Within Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs, known as Skunk Works, Esteco has been awarded an IRAD (Internal Research and Development) contract to provide its enterprise software.‘We couldn’t be prouder to be selected to

7. NING Research

NING ResearchNING Research is one of the largest numerical modeling and simulation engineering consulting firms in Singapore. Our consultants bring together creativity and specialized skills to deliver best-of-breed services in numerical solutions to our clients. Engineers engaged as consultants at NING Research have extensive experience in providing numerical solutions to large, complex and diverse projects around the globe. We are committed to build a long-term partnership with our clients b

8. FENET_Prague_Dec2002_Pukl_Cervenka.pdf

Industry Se ctor Civi l Engine e ring RTD The ma ti c Are a Dura bility & Li fe Ex te nsion Da te 12. 12.2002 De l ive ra bl e Nr N/ A Reliability and virtual testing of civil engineering structures Radomír Pukl, Jan Cervenka, Vladimír Cervenka Cervenka Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic Summary Computer simulation of reinforced concrete structures Software ATENA Virtual testing laboratory service in Internet Probabilistic assessment of prestressed

9. Master the Fastest Route from CAD to CFD

Master the Fastest Route from CAD to CFDWe are pleased to announce a complimentary workshop on how to master simulating complex geometries. If you are a CFD user and want to reduce your simulation process and delivery times of simulation projects, you don't want to miss this event. By attending, you will see firsthand the benefits of taking CAD directly into CFD simulation without laborious, manual CAD repair. This workshop is free, but registration is required as spaces are limited. Learn more

10. Ford Adopts ESTECO Technology to Develop an Enterprise MDO System

Ford Adopts ESTECO Technology to Develop an Enterprise MDO SystemWe are proud to announce that Ford Motor Company has adopted SOMO, the enterprise collaboration and distributed execution framework developed by ESTECO, as a key tool to enable an Enterprise Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (EMDO) System. The implementation was presented today by Dr. Yan Fu, Technical Leader of Business Strategy and Engineering Optimization at Ford, at the Product Innovation Congress in Dusseldorf. "The autom

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