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1. Registration

Iscrizione Registration Form Nome e Cognome Email Telefono Azienda Indirizzo   Sono interessato a partecipare al seminario non socio NAFEMS -> 180 Euro + IVA socio NAFEMS c

2. AST Ingeniería S.L.

AST Ingeniería S.L.Advanced Simulation Technologies S.L. is an engineering company that bases its activity in the development of projects through the use of hybrid simulation technology. This means that it makes use of simulation and physical testing to solve all kind of industrial problems, from design to product optimization and validation, prior to the launch to market. AST provides engineering services in the areas of product design and optimization, process design, structural dynamics

3. The 2nd OpenFOAM User Conference 2014

The 2nd OpenFOAM User Conference 2014Date:7-9/10/14Location:Berlin, Germany.ESI-OpenCFD is pleased to present the 2nd official OpenFOAM User Conference organized by ESI-OpenCFD and opens up another opportunity for all the OpenFOAM users worldwide to meet and interact with the OpenFOAM developers, support and training team from ESI-OpenCFD and find out more about new developments and interesting projects in OpenFOAM. This event will take place in Berlin, Germany from 7th to 9th of October 2014.

4. Solidworks Launch PDMWorks Enterprise

Solidworks Launch PDMWorks Enterprise SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled new software that will make it easier for large product development teams to securely share and manage enterprise data and engineering documents while ensuring version control. PDMWorks® Enterprise enables large or geographically dispersed design teams to work concurrently on product designs.PDMWorks Enterprise is the latest product data management (PDM) software from SolidWorks to help engineers and product managers

5. Laminar and turbulent flows using midas NFX

Laminar and turbulent flows using midas NFXDate:15/04/15Time:10am GMTUnderstanding fluid behaviors inside and around structures is crucial in many design projects. Whether you are interested in liquid flow through the piping, the air flow over aircraft wings or the cooling air flow around electronic circuit boards, CFD analysis can help you understand the flow behaviors and make design decisions. This webinar starts from basic theories of CFD analysis and flow types. Then we will proceed to

6. Design by Analysis: The Use of Finite Element Analysis in Design Codes of Practice 1

Durability & Life Extension Design by Analysis: The Use of Finite Element Analysis in Design Codes of Practice FEM in Pressure Vessel Design By Analysis D. Mackenzie (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom) Applying Advanced FEA to Pressure Vessel Design H. Li (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom) Validation of Analysis in Design by Analysis Projects C. Rogers (CREA Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom)  

7. DEP Conclave 2017

DEP Conclave 2017The DEP Conclave 2017, presented by Detroit Engineered Products, is a platform to showcase the latest CAD and CAE technologies and bring together the brightest minds in the engineering community. The morning sessions will see eminent keynote speakers with vast experience in the automotive industry talk about the challenges and technologies facing the CAE community. The afternoon sessions will showcase technical papers outlining the latest in CAE strategy, methodology, techniques

8. London Course: Introduction to FEA Principles – Special Discounted Rate: £250

London Course: Introduction to FEA PrinciplesSpecial Discounted Rate: £250This independent, software-neutral course will provide you with a solid foundation in the basic theory and application of the finite element method to structural mechanics – helping you to analyse your own and 3rd party simulations effectively and accurately. Book before 31st March 2016 for special discounted rate: £250 Start Date/Time 16 June 09:00 End Date/Time 16 June 17:00 Who Should Attend? This c

9. Projects

Projects Various projects have been initiated and/or sponsored by NAFEMS. GEM - GEM (G eneric E ngineering Analysis M odel) is a completed European Community funded ESPRIT project managed by NAFEMS. The aim was to enable engineering analysis methods such as finite element analysis of solids or fluids to be used more effectively within the design and analysis process. The methodology behind GEM was to integrate software applications in the context of engineering analysis in an open, IS

10. FENET_Prague_Dec2002_Workshop_EC_Proposals.pdf

2nd FENET Annual Industry Meeting & AGM: ,,Integration of Engineering Analysis into the Business Process" Workshop Agenda: ,,Proposals for the EC Framework VI Programme" Wednesday 11th December 2002 14:30 Welcome & Introductions Chair Overview of Framework VI Nigel Knowles · Objectives · Ground rules · New instruments - Possible outlines for IP and NoE in a FE-Net context · Work programmes Tour de Table All · Individual aims and objectives · Topic areas · Potential projects

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