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Introduction to Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Systems and Components

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Systems and Components

A Self-Paced Online Learning Module including 5 months of Tutor Support

FEA is now the tool of choice for those carrying out Design by Analysis (DBA) in the pressure vessel industry sector. The technology is also applied widely in research, development and failure studies of vessels and components. The Codes of Practice provide little or no guidance on the use of finite element analysis however.

These work-based learning modules are designed to provide the necessary underpinning for the safe and effective use of FEA in such application areas.

This FEA module is divided into the following four units:

  • A Practical Introduction to FEA
  • Trends in FEA
  • Theoretical Background
  • Modelling and Idealisation

The Modelling and Idealisation unit is further divided into the following 5 sub-units:

  • Basic Modelling
  • Model Extents, Symmetry and Boundary Conditions
  • Approximations and Sources of Error
  • Further Modelling Considerations
  • Practical Guidelines


Course Contents (PDF)


Introduction to FEA of Pressure Systems & Components


Each unit or sub-unit consists of a set of lesson notes, which the delegate can use as a tool to develop new competencies, or as a refresher course. Worked examples and tutorials are also provided to help develop an understanding of the lesson material. Self test quizzes are provided to allow the course delegate to verify understanding of the topic under study.

This FEA module can be viewed as a prerequisite to the DBA module, for engineers who have little experience in the use of the technology in this sector.

For simulation engineers and analysts, moving into a new area of analyses, or perhaps requiring to refresh existing competencies, these modules, should provide a useful resource. Both modules focus on aspects of technology that will remain relevant to current engineering practice for many years to come. The aim remains that the modules should be sufficient to allow safe and effective use of modern analysis and simulation tools in the power, pressure vessel and process plant sectors. The modules should also provide a basis for further competency development in these and related areas.

How to use the module

Although it is not offered as part of a formal academic programme, this course was designed to be equivalent to a module of a one year full-time MSc course which generally consists of 6 off taught modules and a 3 month project.

This then gives you an idea of the student effort hours expected, had this been such a credit bearing course with assessment. You will also be aware that you have 5 months access to tutor support, to answer questions relating to the course material. This obviously doesn’t mean that coverage of the course material requires 5 months effort. The 5 months is provided in recognition that the course will be taken part-time while you are working. The 5 months will allow you to match your effort input to workload cycles in your employment.

The course was also designed to support an informal, exploratory approach to self-learning. In this regard, there is no syllabus or formal timetabled programme of learning. Instead, the material has hyperlinks, which allows convenient links to further study where thought necessary.

However, while there is no programme structure, it is recognised that the structure can be helpful to the learner. Basically, the structure and content covered can be matched to individual background, interests and goals to some extent.

How do I access the course?

After purchase, the course will be added to your "my downloads and modules" area with your mynafems account. You will then have immediate access to the course online, and your tutors will be in touch shortly afterwards.

Please note that there will be no tutor support during the months of July and August. If your support time runs during these months, your access will simply be extended.

Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels - A Resource Book for the Engineering Analyst

Further reading and information

The 350 page accompanying resource book for this course, "Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels - A Resource Book for the Engineering Analyst" by the Course Director, Jim Wood, is available free of charge.

Download Here

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Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels




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