Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the learning modules

How long does each module take?

You have 12 months complete access to the module when you buy.

Do I get access to tutors

Yes - you have 5 months of continuous tutor email support. Our tutors will be on-hand to answer any questions you have, and guide you through the course content.

Is there a fixed syllabus?

As the modules are self-paced, the structure and content covered can be matched to individual background, interests and goals.The way you progress through the content is up to you, but it is structure in such a way that a simple learning path can be followed.

What are the courses equivalent to?

Although not offered as part of a formal academic programme, each course was designed to be equivalent to a module of a one year full-time MSc course (which generally consists of 6 off taught modules and a 3 month project).

Are the courses linked to the NAFEMS PSE Competencies?

Yes, each course outlines which competencies are covered.

Can I try it out before buying?

Yes - you can request trial access.

I need more information - can I talk through the details with someone?

Our training team are always available to talk through your options and find the most appropriate solution for your needs.