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FEA of Pressure Vessels - Resource Book Download

Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels

A Resource Book for the Engineering Analyst

Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessels

The purpose of this resource book is to raise awareness and to provide convenient access to some of the material produced as part of the CCOPPS project. Hopefully it will also act as an incentive for individuals to enrol on the work-based learning modules developed as part of CCOPPS, now updated, expanded and re-launched via NAFEMS.

The CCOPPS project had the following aims: to maintain and develop the standard of professional development for engineers and analysts using analysis and simulation technology, in the power and pressure systems industry; to encourage a greater diversity of learning and teaching delivery modes; to promote lifelong learning.

The book totals 349 pages, and is a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the area.

Download the PDF

The resource book provides the following:

  1. Information on the NAFEMS-CCOPPS Competency Framework, where the reader can browse the 800+ statements of competence and associated Threshold Statements, covering 16 technical areas. This includes reference texts that can be used to aid in the development of these competences. Each of the 16 technical areas is accompanied by an appropriate Rational Statement. Individual records (printed, paper-based) of each competence table can be used to monitor personal development.
  2. Full Contents Information on the 2 off NAFEMS-CCOPPS work-based learning modules: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Systems and Components and Introduction to Design by Analysis of Pressure Systems and Components.
  3. Information on the contents of the Marketing Versions of these e-learning modules, which provides access to the course structure and functionality - including FREE access to the NAFEMS-CCOPPS Competency Framework and a sample of notes, a quiz, a complete worked example and a tutorial.
  4. The Resource Book itself also provides a sample of system independent worked examples from the learning modules, where the focus is on the problem, idealisation and results. To access the 3D PDF solid models contained in the worked examples you are recommended to use the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This is available on the following link:
  5. Contained in the Resource Book are complete lists of all quizzes, worked examples and tutorials contained in both e-learning modules.
  6. Access to a collection of pressure vessel images. While some of which form the basis of quizzes in the NAFEMS-CCOPPS work-based learning modules, this remarkable collection are simply nice photographs, discovered in our search for educationally relevant illustrative images. They do however provide a good contextual view of this diverse, challenging and important industry sector. Some images may be regarded as being of historical interest.

This resource book is NOT however aimed at a comprehensive coverage of pressure vessel design; does NOT provide a comprehensive coverage of FEA or DBA and does not contain coverage of specific guidance on how to use any particular finite element system, in that the courses and supporting material are designed to be generic in nature. It is quite simply a collection of resource material in the pressure vessel and finite element areas, which will hopefully be of some use in personal development. In addition, while the modules, examples and self-test quizzes make reference to ASME VIII Div2 and EN13445 DBA sections, once again, the goal is to provide useful background that would support effective use of any DBA Code of Practice. The learning modules are designed to compliment code-specific training courses.