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InfoTech Enterprises Ltd.,

NAFEMS has been of help to Infotech as it facilitates knowledge transfer and percolation to different levels from different levels.  The books issued by the organization ("how To..", Primers etc.) have  wealth of useful knowledge particularly useful to new FEA practitioners.

BenchMark magazines also contain similar useful information.

Workshops and seminars facilitate direct interaction of users with the
experts in the field.

Dr. K. S. Raghavan, Discipline Chief, Structures
InfoTech Enterprises Ltd.,
Madhapur, Hyderabad, 500 033

TVS Motor Company

NAFEMS has been at the forefront of bringing the analysis and simulation community together in India. NAFEMS membership has helped TVS motor company to keep current with all the developments in automotive engineering simulations through high quality published material, specialized training courses and seminars and conferences held periodically.

Dr. M. Kannan, General Manager - R&D
TVS Motor Company Limited
P.B. No. 4, Harita,
Hosur 635 109

S M Technocrats Pvt. Ltd

Finite Element Analysis: A myth, a phenomenon suddenly stormed the industries with a position high above the rest. It created a mistry enveloped by respect among the users and non users. Those who studied, those who did not study ultimately asked the same question what is FEA and what does that mean.

Books available in the market gives an impression that FEA is nothing but very high level mathematics, So only top level academicians can have access to it.

FEA software developers came up with the more user friendly software’s to explain that even a high school pass is enough for Finite Element Analysis. People like me those who decided to move between the boundaries and wanted to bridge the gap, were desperately looking for some fillers, suddenly a friendly soul lends a book "NAFEMS A Finite Element Primer".  

I read and read again, most of my questions were answered, something I understood something I realised, then I read some more books attended a seminar and became a member of NAFEMS to know more about Finite Element Analysis.

Today my condition is even worse, today I realised the impression I had about FEA was just the tip of an iceberg but at the same time I realised, NAFEMS only will take me to shore.

Mr. Aloke K. Choudhury, Technical Director
S M Technocrats Pvt. Ltd.
202, Tirupati Trade Centre
Navghar, Vasai (East)
Thane – 401 210


NAFEMS membership opens the door to a world of knowledge sharing. With access to several publications, conferences and experts, it is definitely a community that I would strongly recommend to engineering professionals. If simulation is the future, NAFEMS can help you get there

Mr. Dhanushkodi, CEO
TechPassion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
No.15/7B, Yogi Gardens, Pallipattu,
Chennai 600 113


NAFEMS has been a boon for ACTIVE.  NAFEMS membership and Publications has helped ACTIVE in developing high-quality training for corporate and engineering trainees. Also helps Active to stay with the recent development in the analysis and simulation.

Mr. B. Sivasubramanian, Chief Executive Officer,
No. 248, 1st Floor, 80 ft road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 038.