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Automotive Simulation World Congress  - October 30-31st

The automotive industry is racing faster than ever. As the industry’s global rebound continues, consumers and governments are demanding more. Consumers want lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles and options that weren’t even on the drawing board just a few years ago. Meanwhile, more stringent government environmental regulations are also reshaping the ways automobiles are designed.

As a result, these already complex vehicles are becoming even more complicated as engineers try to incorporate compact turbocharged IC engines, carbon fiber and composite body structures, telematics, wireless connectivity and driver assist systems. At the same time electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, bringing their own challenges with complicated advanced batteries, e-motor and power electronics systems, and regenerative brakes.

Simulation has played a key role in this industry transformation, helping structural, fluids and electrical engineers to design virtually every automotive part and subsystem – and ensuring that they work together as a unified system.

These topics and more are on the agenda for the 2012 Automotive Simulation World Congress, held October 30-31 in Detroit. The two-day international event is dedicated solely to the automotive industry: vehicles for road, rail, racetrack and off-highway. The event provides a forum for:
  • Sharing and debating new practices, issues and industry trends
  • Learning about the latest developments in engineering simulation applicable to the automotive industry
  • Networking with industry peers
Sessions will emphasize practical applications, simulation best practices, methods to manage engineering knowledge and new approaches to resolve the challenges in automotive development on topics such as:
  • I.C. engine combustion, cooling and structural simulation, fluid-structure interaction
  • I.C. engine ancillaries, pumps, transmission, differentials
  • Aerodynamics, underhood thermal management, climate control
  • Vehicle electrification, electric powertrain, advanced batteries, e-motor, power electronics, fuel cells
  • Low and high frequency electronics, sensors, actuators, antenna design, wireless connectivity
  • Acoustics, NVH
  • Structural simulation of brakes, steering, suspension, wheels

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Event Type: Conference
Location: Detroit, MI USA
Date: October 30, 2012