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Dynamic Analysis of Structures with DIANA

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis of Structures with DIANA


@ 3pm CET (Registration - free of charge)
see for registration

This online session gives a concise, but clear overview of different methods that DIANA offers to perform dynamic analysis of civil engineering structures.

Candidates attending this session will become familiar with the nonlinear dynamic analysis capabilities of DIANA with special reference to modelling aspects and methods of analysis.

A model of a bridge, similar to the Millenium Bridge in London, is developed. This bridge model is first analysed to study free vibration modes and dominant frequencies and subsequently a resonse spectrum analysis is carried out by a selective modal combination rule. A time history analysis is also carried out on the same model assuming a seismic base excitation and considering Rayleigh damping.


Event Type: Webinar
Location: Online
Date: March 26, 2013