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Industrial Simulation Conference 2008

The aim of the 6th annual Industrial Simulation Conference (ISC'2008), is to give a complete overview of this year's industrial simulation related research and to provide an annual status report on present day industrial simulation research within the European Community and the rest of the world in line with European industrial research projects.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, agents and other modelling techniques, simulation has become an effective and appropriate decision support tool in industry. The exchange of techniques and ideas among universities and industry, which support the integration of simulation in the everyday workplace, is the basic premise at the heart of ISC'2008 conference. The ISC'2008 conference consists of four major parts; the first part concerns itself with discrete event simulation methodology, the second and biggest part with industrial simulation applications, a third one with industrial themed workshops, and last but not least the fourth part, namely the poster sessions for students. The whole is then illustrated by an exhibition.
This year's conference will feature also for the first time a special workshop on simulation in sports and medicine.

This year's event will be sponsored and supported by: CESH, and the Marcel Mérieux company., the WHO antenna of Lyon and Geneva and by Antycip-Simulation.


Event Type: Conference
Location: Lyon France
Date: June 9, 2008