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Selected Benchmarks For Material Non-Linearity
- Volume 1

This document provides details of 10 benchmark tests for finite element assemblies modelling non-linear material behaviour with small deformations. Its aim is to provide a compendium of simple, authoritatively documented tests covering the more common types of material non-linear phenomena encountered in industrial practise. Emphasis is on a quasi-static small-displacement small-strain continuum behaviour of ductile metals.

Collectively the tests may be used for a number of purposes including:

  1. To check the ability of a finite element program to produce acceptable solutions to problems involving material non-linearity.

  2. To exercise a program’s ability to model physical behaviour.

  3. To educate inexperienced users about the potential pitfalls and difficulties that may arise when modelling non-linear phenomena.

The overall philosophy has been to select problems with a clear industrial relevance, which can be modelled satisfactorily with the capabilities of robust general purpose commercial codes and which, moreover, are both physically simple and computational undemanding. The problems have been drawn from an earlier survey, but in most instances have been “tuned” to make them more discriminating or to improve their clarity and ease of interpretation.

The document is, quite deliberately, fairly concise. Essential details of each test are provided in a standard format in Section 4, which is intended to be self-explanatory. However, some further information covering the organisation and background of the various tests given in Section 2. A companion volume to this report [Ref. 1] gives more details about the development of the tests and provides more complete details of the solutions.



    • Criteria for Benchmarks
    • Overview of Tests
    • Reporting Format


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D. Linkens

First Published - January 1993

Softback, 23 Pages