Real-time Mechanism and System Simulation Supporting Human-inthe-loop Simulators

During a design cycle, many simulation models are built by different engineering departments to analyse the behaviour and performance of complex systems. Therefore, a unified modelling process is often sought that aims to reuse models in order to speed up the design process and make efficiently use of resources.

This article reports on recent technological advancements that have been made by Siemens PLM Software in its simulation tools for multi-body analyses and multi- physics simulation to run detailed models in real-time. These advancements enable the reuse of engineering models during testing activities and include the development of a new deterministic solver that can handle the same models as the traditional off-line solver. Furthermore, this article describes two demonstration cases. First, a real-time multi-body simulation of a business jet is described for a flight simulator of ground operations. Subsequently, a driving simulator with a motion platform is described that uses a high-fidelity multibody model of the vehicle suspension together with detailed sub-system models.

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AuthorsLemmens. Y Benoit. T Grottoli. M
AudiencesAnalyst Educator
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2018
OrganisationSiemens PLM Software


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