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E-learning with NAFEMS


NAFEMS e-learning has been providing world-class training in FEA, CFD and related technologies in a virtual learning environment since 2009. Over 5,000 individuals from around the globe have been trained in that time, from all ability levels across every industry.

Our e-learning course programme has developed into an offering of numerous stand-alone topics, covering subjects as diverse as Basic FEA through Essentials of Fluid Mechanics to Advanced Dynamic Finite Element Analysis, CFD for Structural Engineers, and many more.

NAFEMS e-learning courses offer a unique opportunity to experience the exceptional quality of NAFEMS training in a way that easily fits around your workload. In today’s constantly changing climate, organisations are shifting their focus to training in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Why eLearning?

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces downtime
  • Lowers costs
  • Worldwide access

eLearning classes are ideal for companies with a group of engineers requiring training. E-learning classes can also be provided to suit your needs and timescale.

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In order to allow both individuals and organisations to take advantage of the ever-expanding syllabus, NAFEMS has introduced the e-learning flexipass.

The Flexipass allows you, or your company, to purchase a subscription to NAFEMS e-learning at a significantly discounted rate.

The permutations and possibilities are endless, and are designed to give you ultimate Flexibility and cost-efficiency when engaging with NAFEMS e-learning.

Further Information

In-House Learning Solutions

Many corporations have very specific training requirements for their staff. Some may find that their needs would be better met by a combination of the stand-alone e-learning topics, into a seamless flow, providing a truly unique training course.

Specifically designed to meet your engineers needs, at their pace, and at their level of experience, NAFEMS In-House learning solutions can meet your training needs

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