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NAFEMS Standards Initiative

The NAFEMS Standards Initiative

The NAFEMS Standards Initiative aims to identify and promote the maturity and industry adoption of those international standards (and best practice documents) that support engineering simulation and which enable integration with model-based engineering.

The key objectives are:

  • to provide awareness of existing standards that are relevant to engineering simulation
  • to provide a single source for all end-users and suppliers of engineering simulation to become familiar with these standards
  • to draw attention to standards in, or in need of, development

The standards include those developed by organisations such as ISO, NASA, BSI and ASME.

The standards are categorised by:

  • the maturity level - In Development / Under Review / Released / Implemented
  • the primary purpose - Data Management / Model Management / Quality Management / Simulation in Support of Design / Simulation Guidance
  • the applicable industries
  • the application domain

Access the Standards

To tell us about a standard that you think should be included or to provide feedback on an existing standard, get in touch.

We would like to thank Dr Rodney Dreisbach for his guidance in driving this initiative forward.