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PSE Certification

PSE Certification

PSE (Professional Simulation Engineer) Certification allows engineers and analysts within the international simulation community to gain recognition for competencies acquired throughout their professional career.

PSE Certification

Independently assessed by NAFEMS, the international association of the engineering analysis, modelling and simulation community, the Certification enables individuals to gain recognition for their level of competency and experience as well as enabling industry to identify suitable and qualified personnel.

The Certification incorporates an extensive range of competencies across various Technical Areas. It is multi-level, supporting the philosophy of lifelong learning and continuous professional development. PSE Certification is suitable for both experienced engineers/analysts and those in the early stages of their professional career.

Providing a standard of competency for the international simulation community, successful applicants receive recognition as a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) at Entry, Standard or Advanced level. As competencies are developed, PSEs will advance to the next level.

Individuals achieving Standard or Advanced level PSE Certification are invited to appear on the Public Register of Certified Professional Simulation Engineers


NAFEMS’ mission is to promote best practice in analysis and simulation. PSE Certification has been developed by NAFEMS to address an emerging need from the community for independent verification of workplace competency.

PSE Certification provides independent assessment of PSE Competencies. Defining the competencies that a good analysis and simulation engineer should possess, these competencies have been peer-reviewed over several years by NAFEMS’ technical working groups and external experts and incorporate thousands of statements of competency at various levels.

Successful Certification as a PSE (Professional Simulation Engineer) will enable engineers and analysts to demonstrate and gain recognition for their competency level.

Using the PSE Competency Tracker to Support Your Application

It is highly recommended that those applying for or aiming towards PSE Certification utilise the PSE Competency Tracker to support their application. Once registered as an applicant, individuals will be able to use the competency tracking and management functionality of the tracker.

Those wishing to achieve PSE Certification can start their application on the PSE Application page.

Please note, however, that it is not compulsory to use the PSE Competency Tracker to apply for PSE Certification.