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Efficient workflows to perform Physical Test and Simulation correlationsExtended AbstractVERON. E IBBOTSON. A PATTERSON. M
An Advanced Data Science & Optimisation Based Approach for Wastewater Network PlanningExtended AbstractSimms. B Barnes. J
Advancements in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Exploring GPU Finite Volume Solver Capabilities in Gas Turbine Combustion and Turbomachinery ApplicationsExtended AbstractKlavaris. G Jia. R Orsino. S Xia. S Zori. L
CFD Software Tools and Workflows for Corrosion Prevention Planning in Design and SustainmentExtended AbstractRose. A Palani. S Legg. K Mendez. J
Coupled Vibro-acoustic Finite Element Analysis for the Assessment of Acoustic Induced Vibration in Process EquipmentExtended AbstractBarrell. C
Chassis durability - close virtual validation loopExtended AbstractTAHIR. Z Aso. R Welsh. D
Enhanced Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis Utilising Neuber's MethodExtended AbstractFrank. M
Simulation and physical validation of triply periodic minimal surfaces-based scaffolds for biomedical applicationsExtended AbstractKhalil. M Burton. M Conway. P Torres-Sanchez. C
Enabling high-rate manufacture of carbon fibre wings through simulation driven process optimisationExtended AbstractBallisat. A Nolan. L
High-fidelity digital twin for Laser Metal Deposition by WireExtended AbstractTumelty. J Alden. W Ballisat. A